Thursday, February 24, 2011

New 'do and new love!

One Sunday night on Skype my sister and I decided we needed a change....we wanted BANGS! I mean full bangs. I have had the swoop thing since beauty school! That is crazy forever ago and I definitely needed a change. That night I showed Dustin a picture of what I was wanting and he was all for it. I told him maybe that weekend I would do it. He was like, "Why, not right now?" So I tromped to the bathroom and wacked them off. Immediately I regretted it. The first week I had them, I pretty much pulled them back every day. I would shock myself in the mirror. For the first time EVER I understood how people feel when I cut their hair off or we do something totally different. Like bangs :)
Now 5 weeks later, I absolutely LOVE them! They are finally laying good and they are a little bit longer then when I first cut them. (ha ha I had some drama. I would cut them and they would be too blunt, so I would take my thinning shears to them and then they would get too wispy so I would have to cut them again. BROTHER.) My sister also cut her some bangs and they are ADORABLE on her! I wish I had a picture of her or of us together sporting them :(

Oh! So tonight I found Photo Booth on my Mac and it is so COOL! I can't wait for Dustin to come home from work so we can play around and take pictures! I have always been in love with real photo booths (and even while we were in London I made the hubby get in one with me. It sucked though because it ended up being only one picture and it was printed on REGULAR computer paper! I was a little upset. Dustin tried to carry it around that day and not smash it but it didn't really work.)
So I took some pics of my new do!

Isn't this style cool?!? This just might be my new favorite thing :)


  1. I am a definite fan of the bangs...

  2. I LOVE your bangs!!!!!! So so so cute! Isn't photo booth the best thing to ever happen to the macBook??? I love mine too!!!!

  3. Thanks guys!
    YES, its way awesome! It saves me from horrible self portraits with my arm taking up half the picture :)

  4. I love the bangs! They look so cute on you! :)

  5. You are soo Cute no matter how you wear your hair....I don't know about you but I love comments on my blog.. its like the answer machine flashing light...I know I'm weird.. but I LOVE them!!!

  6. Thanks HIl!
    Merianne- YES! I love them too! and what a perfect analogy to describe it!