Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chief Induction ceremony

Okay so technically the Chief Induction ceremony was the last week in January but I forgot to post it! Our friend Todd made Chief this year...CONGRATS to him and his family! We had a good time with okay food, (it was served by the club) and GREAT company. I had so much fun with all the girls getting dressed up!

The Folks fam: Todd, Viki and Ben

Me and Dustin

All the boys!

All the girls!


  1. Corianne, can I just tell you how beautiful you are!! I love your new hair and you are always dressed so nice... it looks like a ton of fun!! and about your comment on the cruise lucky.. they gave us 50 % back on the cruise and 50 % off another cruise with them.. so not to bad. Hope all is going great! I miss you

  2. Thanks Kenz! You are too sweet. I am glad that they compensated you for what happened. Gives you an excuse to go on another! Hope your family is well! Miss you too!