Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YAY for patios so I could buy patio furntiure!

YAY! The patio cushions I bought for my new patio set from Ikea arrived today! I feel so old for being SO excited about patio furniture. But thats how it gets, right? Being married and all. You care about things like patio sets and matching oven mitts.

Another thing I am excited for??? My family to arrive tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow night we could have dinner on that certain patio set with those certain new cushions.... How sweet would THAT be?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I looked at my blog today and I haven't posted anything in over a month! My goal at the first of the year was to post every 5 days or so...hasn't happened yet. OH WELL. In my defense, I have been pretty busy. But... I have made it home (after 30+ hours!) and I am feeling mighty JET-LAGGED. I think I will take a nap. And yes, you can nap at 8pm when you are jet-lagged. (though it might not be the best idea.) And maybe I should find me something for dinner. I guess I should also unpack my suitcase. Man I have lots to do! But good news is that my family arrives next week! I CANNOT wait to show them around. Maybe I should just leave the suitcase packed. ANYWAY, I think I might find something more interesting to post later this week....OH I have pics from a pretty fancy tea-party I attended to show off. And my brothers homecoming.

One other note: Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Especially to my own mom! I love you!