Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh what do we do in the summer time...

Go to the market, that's what!

Here are some pictures we have taken at the Aviano Market this last spring and summer.

We don't always take pictures when we go to the market but these first pictures were taken when we went with Dustin's dad in April.

Aren't they beautiful?!?

I bought some colored branches for spring

and these are some of the pictures Alissa took of the market while she was here in June:

They sell curtains.

and clothes.

Alissa in front of the fruit and veggie stand

the candy stand

AWE look at those GREEN pepper and tomato plants.... (for the results of those plants click here. I swear you'll be impressed. )
Yummy cheese

If you come visit us we will take you here I promise!
and you will love it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just wanted to let you all know that I tried on a jumpsuit the other day at H&M and the verdict is still in... I need a jumpsuit!
It was super cute except it wasn't my size. It was one size too small.
I guess I will just have to keep looking :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

garden results...

So my "garden" didn't do so well this year. In fact, they died. (You remember, right? Those tomatoes and peppers I planted. If you don't, check it out here) Well, apparently you can't water plants during the day because the heat will kill the roots. I only learned this AFTER doing it all summer. I did get a few cherry tomatoes but didn't dare eat them after I saw the neighbors dog peeing on my plants multiple times. (What?!)

So instead of showing off my beautiful accomplishments, here are some pictures of my friend Vikki's garden that IS beautiful and DID do well...


{grape vines!}

{gourds} Apparently you don't eat these?!?

{kiwi's!} You should see the millions of them her trees produced



I love all the cool stuff you can grow in Italy.

P.S. My flowers faired much better than the vegetables. Though they still had it rough. They are coming back to life though! If only to last through October.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes just for a good laugh I will pull up KSL.com and take a glance at what they call "news." The headlines KILL me!
So tonight, after Dustin got home from work, we had a

FOXnews.com VS. KSL.com

Dustin, pulling for FOX found these awesome titles:

"Delind Police on Look-Out for Streaker"
"Spongebob in Hot-Water Over Behavioral Study"
"Good Ole Fashion Orgy"

Me, pulling for KSL found these beauties:

"Apartments Near Full Capacity in Salt Lake Valley"
"Bus Hits Pole in School Parking Lot" (Don't worry. No one was hurt.)
"Homeowners Band Together to Solve Landscaping Dilema"

I win because KSL also had the Spongebob article. Go KSL!!

Anyone have any examples of lame-headlines you have found???

Friday, September 9, 2011

I've come to a decision...

I want a jumpsuit.

Yes, you heard me right. A jumpsuit.

There are certain stipulations though:

1) The pattern must be bold. I feel like if you are going to make the bold statement of a jumpsuit you must also have the bold pattern to go with it. OR mustard yellow. For that I make an exception.

2) It must be full-length

3) It MUST also be a wide-leg. I think we all know why.

4) It cannot be metallic or leopard print. (yes, I have run into a few of these and no, it is not pretty.)

5) It must NOT zipper up the front like pajama's. It's gotta be classy people!

6) I cannot think of anything else right now but if you have a suggestion you are welcome to leave a comment!

P.S. I am now on page 26 of 87 on Etsy looking for the perfect one. I found one a few months ago that I LOVED but Dustin didn't like it. It was hawaiian print and had a tiger on it. It was super cool.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Movieland. AKA: Is this LEGAL?!?

One weekend in August we decided to head to a local amusement park about 3 hours from here instead of sit around the house being bored. We went to the park during the day and then did a Medieval dinner show that night.

It was super fun but let me tell you what.... Movieland is probably the scariest amusement park I have EVER been to. We about died.
There are no real rules at this park. We rode one ride that a man was actually driving the truck we rode in (meaning it was not on a track) and he went flying over the bumps and hills. He also slammed it into reverse and we went flying into a lake.

And best of all.... there are no seat belts on this ride or ANY of the other rides! One lady even had her baby on her lap for one ride and almost lost her child.

On another ride we were required to step down a tiny steep ladder into a submarine in the dark while there were gallons of water being dumped on us to simulate bombs going off in the water. It was scary and quite hilarious at the same time.
Once inside the cramped space, you sat on a pipe (of course no seat belts) facing another row of people on a pipe. Then you were violently rocked back and forth while water from an overhead sprinkler poured down. All the while trying not to fall onto the other row of people on the pipe. The entire time I couldn't stop laughing because of how ridiculous it was.

We really had a great time and couldn't help but talk about how much this would NOT fly in the states.


entrance to the park

their version of Hollywood Tower of Terror

This was taken right before getting in the truck of death.

This ride was in the kiddy land and it was so much fun. It probably went on for 10 minutes. It spun forward and then went backward. I really enjoyed the first 8 minutes but then I was ready to get off for fear of being sick.

The Medieval show was great and the food was really good.

One note to self: I am deathly allergic to horses. I could have used an epi-pen.