Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A good idea!

So Dustin leaves in about a week, and he thought it would be fun to go to Germany last weekend and go to CHILI'S. That's right CHILI'S. As in the American restaurant. I was totally up for the idea. We haven't been to any American restaurant in seven months and Ramstein, an Air Force base in Germany, is lucky enough to not only have a Chili's but also a Macaroni Grill. They are so spoiled. They don't even know how lucky they are.
We left last friday and on saturday we went shopping at their BX. (Which was as big as a Super-Walmart. Very cool.) Then we went to Saarbrucken and went to the WildPark Zoo. After the zoo we went to Chili's and it was AMAZING! I had a hard time deciding what I was going to order. I had thought about it for days but still couldn't decide. It had to be a perfect decision that I would not regret. I ended up ordering the triple dipper so I could have three choices! Ha ha. We pretty much stuffed our faces. So then, half-way through dinner we learned that Toby Keith was giving a free concert that night! And it was within walking distance of Chili's! It was freaking awesome! He was a great performer and we had so much fun. We had such a GREAT weekend!

Heavy's at Ramstein

SO Green

This sign cracks me up. It means "Caution: 30 kph because of FROG Crossing"

Feeding the pigmy goats

Alissa: You know you want him!

Toby Keith!

Perfect song for my hubby who deploys in a week! I LOVE you so much and I'm going to miss you!!