Thursday, February 10, 2011

London 2011

In November I decided I wanted to go to London, and I wanted to go for New Years. But when I started looking at flights and hotels I realized it could get a little pricey. I then looked at flights for the middle of January and it was only 30 Euro per person! We decided to go then and since we got flights for so cheap, spent a little more on a hotel to be able to stay in downtown. We seriously had the BEST time! I loved London and want to go back. (because of this we put Lakenheath as #1 on our dreamsheet :) Let's all hope for England!)
We arrived on Tuesday the 11th around 6:00pm and took the train from the airport into London. We checked into our hotel and then started the hunt for dinner. We ended up at a Pizza Hut, and since we haven't had REAL american food in awhile, (Dustin longer than me) it was DELISH!
Wednesday morning we stopped to take pictures in Trafalgar Square and then walked to Buckingham Palace.

Cool old double-decker bus

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace!

This is where we stood to watch the changing of the guard. The show lasted for almost an hour! AND the band played showtunes and rock--cool but weird!

The band

After the changing of the guard we walked through St. James park and headed towards Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey. This is a picture of the church.

We tried to go to the London Eye but it was closed for maintenance. For lunch we ate at Chipolte and afterwards we wondered through some used book stores and I picked up a book for only 1 pound!

We ended the night at the show "We Will Rock You" and it was awesome! The singers and the band did an amazing job.
Thursday morning we actually headed back to Westminster Abbey to go inside. Sorry, no pics of the inside, it wasn't allowed :( We also stopped to take pictures of Big Ben and some of the phone booths.

After we saw the church, we headed to lunch then to the National Museum of History.
For Lunch we ate at a pub and had meat pies and they were oh-so-good!

This is the grand entrance into the museum and it is gorgeous! After the museum we stopped by Harrods, which is a HUGE and EXPENSIVE department store and Hamleys, a five story toy store. We finished the night by going out to dinner at T. G. I. Fridays, which was crazy expensive. We spent 65 USD on one appetizer, two meals, one coke, one water and dessert! I think it was worth it though :)

Friday morning we started out taking a tour of the Tower Bridge, which was totally cool.

After the tour we went over to Covent Garden to watch some of the street performers and check out the shopping. We had lunch at this place called Maxwell's and Dustin had two orders of wings and I had the BEST nachos I have EVER eaten!

We spent our last night at "WICKED" and it was amazing! I LOVE that show. Right after it ended I wanted to see it again. Dustin even enjoyed it :)

Oh here is a random picture of the underground. Way easy to use!
We had so much fun, and can't wait to go back. If you are going to come to Europe, London should be on your list! Right behind coming to see us in Italy of course :)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I've always wanted to go to London and ride on a double-decker bus! I really want to see Wicked sometime in my life too.

  2. That is soo AWESOME..and I love your new header... You look great!!