Thursday, February 17, 2011

homework assistance and other misc. things...

The other night I was working on homework and I got a little "helper." Sayla thought she needed to come and sit with me and put her paws on my work. Every time I kicked her off, she would come back. It was too cute to not get a picture of.

Then she decided to climb from my lap to the table and SIT on my homework...what a stinker!
P.S. This semester I am taking College Algebra and am ROCKING it! My first three test scores have been 97, 104, and 101! SAWEET! I totally thought I would suck at this and totally fail. (Can you tell I am a little excited???)

That same night when Dustin got home from work we played cards and this is what happens when Dustin lets Bosa get ahold of one....

But isn't that face cute?!?


  1. You're so smart!! I'm glad you're doing good in your math class. And I love you Valentines craft you made (I know that's a different post, but I just read both of them)

  2. What a cute picture of you and Dustin, you look super cute I love your hair.
    I feel the same way about college. Congrats! on the math tests your awesome.