Saturday, August 28, 2010

Three weeks in Utah!

So I had a lot of people say that I needed to up-date this thing more. (You know who you are.) And so I deecided to post at least something. Although I could be finishing my book, the second of the Hunger Games series. LUCKY for you, I have to make this book last at least a week so that I don't finish it before my mom can get the package sent out. Can't handle the waiting. And I hear that this one ends with a bigger cliff-hanger than the first one!

ANYWAYS... Here are some pics of my trip to Utah. We went to the Redwoods and to Oregon for my cousin Ashley's wedding. We had so much fun on our roadtrip but it went way too fast. Seriously way too fast. And now with no trips coming up anytime soon and no hubby home, I'm stuck with a boring life at home with my cats. Which will make all my future posts rather boring....But you asked for it!

P.S. I didn't include any pictures of Alissa's birthday because I am going to put those in their own post!

Me and Alissa's first time on the salt flats

Our family taking pictures outside of Dallans apartment before we knew he was actually home. I'm suprised he didn't hear us out here!

We got to see Dallan! OOPS! He is doing really well though!
Logan getting his fortune from Zoltar

It took eight of us holding hands to circle this tree

Alissa about to throw-up. She got motion sick from looking up at the Redwoods ha ha! Sorry liss!

Our family at the Aquarium

Alissa and me petting a shark. Super cool!

My cute family

Me and Alissa guarding our candy station

The cute couple: Ashley and Cameron with Grandma