Monday, September 19, 2011

garden results...

So my "garden" didn't do so well this year. In fact, they died. (You remember, right? Those tomatoes and peppers I planted. If you don't, check it out here) Well, apparently you can't water plants during the day because the heat will kill the roots. I only learned this AFTER doing it all summer. I did get a few cherry tomatoes but didn't dare eat them after I saw the neighbors dog peeing on my plants multiple times. (What?!)

So instead of showing off my beautiful accomplishments, here are some pictures of my friend Vikki's garden that IS beautiful and DID do well...


{grape vines!}

{gourds} Apparently you don't eat these?!?

{kiwi's!} You should see the millions of them her trees produced



I love all the cool stuff you can grow in Italy.

P.S. My flowers faired much better than the vegetables. Though they still had it rough. They are coming back to life though! If only to last through October.