Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes just for a good laugh I will pull up and take a glance at what they call "news." The headlines KILL me!
So tonight, after Dustin got home from work, we had a
Battle-of-the-Headlines. VS.

Dustin, pulling for FOX found these awesome titles:

"Delind Police on Look-Out for Streaker"
"Spongebob in Hot-Water Over Behavioral Study"
"Good Ole Fashion Orgy"

Me, pulling for KSL found these beauties:

"Apartments Near Full Capacity in Salt Lake Valley"
"Bus Hits Pole in School Parking Lot" (Don't worry. No one was hurt.)
"Homeowners Band Together to Solve Landscaping Dilema"

I win because KSL also had the Spongebob article. Go KSL!!

Anyone have any examples of lame-headlines you have found???

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