Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I HATE laundry! More specifically the laundry mat.

Every week I dread having to do laundry. When we moved in and had our TMO appliances delivered we found out that the hook up for the washer was behind the toilet in the garage and wouldn't reach. The other hook up is in the utility closet on the balcony off our bedroom, where we wanted to put our dishwasher. I had a decision to make: dishwasher or washing machine. I chose the dishwasher. (and if you are wondering: yes. I carry all my dishes through the house to my bedroom and OUTSIDE to the balcony. and yes. it IS worth it.)
So since we have no washer, (we subsequently sent back the dryer as well) we have to do laundry at the laundry mat. Which I hate. It is always crowded and smells like pee.
Well a couple of weeks ago I realized something that makes me hate the laundry mat even more. I realized that sometime between November and January I left a whole load of darks in the dryer. A WHOLE LOAD. And it included some clothing I really really liked. My first clue that stuff was missing was when Dustin first asked me where his black Hurley shirt was. I thought that he must have misplaced it. Slowly I started to figure out things that I was missing. Like my favorite grey sweats, a black long sleeve shirt and a grey jacket. I went back to look for all the missing items but they must have already thrown them out. I was too late at realizing what I had done. I am really bummed out. I can't wait till I have my own laundry room again. Or at least my own washer and dryer.
Oh and the other thing I hate about going to the laundry mat: walking ALL my laundry up and down two flights of stairs and putting it in the car. And just my luck I usually end up doing laundry on rainy days.

Laundry is my enemy. Enough said!

Here is one cute kitty playing in the sheets! (but it's only cute until he gets his claws stuck.)

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  1. When we finally went on our family vacation to Disneyland...I swear I was in SHOCK..after going to the laundry mat...It was a huge eye opener and made me a lot more thankful that I have my own Dungeon (thats what I call the laundry room :0) )...Hope your doing great Sweetie!!!