Monday, March 21, 2011

He totally deserves it :)

Dustin got a new toy for his birthday/promotion to Tech. I thought that I was in charge of getting him a nice gift, but turns out he ordered it for himself and bought it two months early! Whatever. As long as he is happy, right? And boy is he happy! He had to put it together and was able to fly it two fridays ago. I was just a teensy bit worried he was going to crash it (only a little bit), but he didn't! YAY! He did an amazing job actually. Too bad he is on twelve hour shifts for awhile or he could fly it more.

Two of his planes

Last checks before the first flight

Turns out I was too busy taking video of his flight to get any pictures in the air. Next time! Good job hubby and congrats on your promotion!!


  1. Nice.. Happy b-day to your hubby!! I hope all is well.. I miss you too..

  2. wow those are nice!! I can't wait to see him show dallan and logan his new toys!!