Saturday, September 11, 2010

the BEST Christmas party this summer!!

Alissa's birthday party was SO MUCH fun this year! I was so glad that I was home to enjoy it. And all of you who didn't come.... you missed out!

Birthday girl with her cake!

Santa came! The kids were so excited and practically mauled him.
Chennell and Kate meeting Santa

Kiah was so excited to talk to Santa and tell him what she wanted this year for Christmas.

Alissa with Santa

Mom and Logan. He was not so happy about having to do this!

Ugly Sweater Contest!!! From the left: Ryan Olson, Aunt Deanne, Grandpa Kap, RaeAnne, Danny and Cynthia. I was amazed at how many people showed up in their sweaters and stayed in them even though it was 90 degrees

Nikki Jeske, JaLesha Olson, Ryan Olson and Aunt Deanne
Nikki won the adult contest!

Chennell Brand, Meagan Bills and Grandma

Kenna showing off her Christmas/Americana sweater. There are 13 flags on this thing! I think she should have won but she was the judge instead

Tenaya, Me, Kenna and Alissa posing with our sweaters

Kids gift exchange

Adult gift exchange


  1. How awesome is that?!?! Only Alissa would have a Christmas birthday party in August. Love it!

  2. Wow that is sooo AWESOME...thanks for sharing its great to see pictures of all your cute family and friends...July 29th is a Great day for a Christmas party..hee hee...lots of love.. :)