Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another vacation!

I have been a MAJOR slacker on my blog lately. I lot has been going on the last month. First Dustin finally got home from Afghanistan, October 4th. It is so great to have him home, though now I have more laundry :( His parents came out to visit and arrived on the 12th. We stayed super busy with them. We went fishing in Slovenia, to Florence, Siena, Venice, Garmisch, Munich, Salzburg, and Paris. We had such a fun time and it was sad to see them leave. It was sure great to finally see some family!

Getting ready to go fishing in Slovenia

Siena. Piazza Del Campo

On the Vecchio bridge in Florence

We stayed at a really cute house in Florence that we had all to ourselves! I LOVED it there!

I loved all the unique furniture

Looking out over Florence

The really cute hotel we stayed at in Garmisch. It was so much fun because they would have music and dancing every night on the main level.

Eating at the Hofbrauhaus

It was our first time to PARIS and I loved every minute of it

I loved watching the Eiffel Tower at night sparkle! It was so beautiful!


  1. Let me just say that I am so totally jealous!!! You guys are seeing some AMAZING things. Can I just say that we are sisters so I can come and visit too. That would be AWESOME!!! You look sooo Fantastic!!!!

  2. WOW, what great pictures... Man Cori!! I am still so green... I am glad your hubby is home. take care

  3. I'm so glad you have your hubby back! Those pics are awesome. I really hope I get to come see you too. Miss you lady!

  4. My sister Kamie would love to talk to you about Paris.. hope you are well and I love your pictures

  5. Ryan will be jealous! He loves traveling! I'm so glad Dustin is there to do all these neat things with you now!