Thursday, August 11, 2011

You should try this out!

Okay this is sweet! i found this on another blog and decided to try it out. it's a nail painting technique called water-marbling. i loved it but i have a few pointers to give you that i had to figure out on my own that were not on the tutorial i watched on the other blog.
Here is what you will need:
*two or three nail polish colors (i used O.P.I. alpine snow, jade is the new black, and need sunglasses?)
*a plastic or paper cup
*lukewarm water
*scotch tape
*paper towels

1-fill your cup with lukewarm water and have your paper towels ready with a few toothpicks

2- paint a base coat with one of your colors. (this was helpful for when the color misses a spot or goes on thin)

3- so your going to do one nail at a time. you'll need to tape around your fingernail to keep from getting polish all over your finger. i used 4 pieces: one for the bottom, one for each side, and one along the top.

4- drop one drop of nail polish into the water and let it spread out. then place one drop on top of another rotating colors.
make sure that they spread out quite a bit or it won't work! it needs to look like the picture above and NOT like the picture below. i found that if the first drop dried then the other colors won't spread out and then you will have too much polish on your nail (and not in a cute pattern).

5- now take a toothpick and draw the outside colors in.
one trick i found was to not mix it up too much. you want to see the individual colors and not just a make a blended new color. also, don't pull in from the very first drop, or you will collapse the whole thing. for example, i first put in a drop of white but i pulled it in from the jade color. (hope this makes sense. if not, send me a comment!)

6- take your taped finger and dip it into the middle of the polish. be careful not to put your finger into the water too fast. pull your finger out and let it dry for about 30 seconds and then remove the tape. i was shocked at how fast the polish dried!

7- take the toothpick and swirl it around in the water to pick up the rest of the polish. (here is where you will need your paper towels) now you can start over on the next finger!

oh one more tip: you may have to change the water out if it starts to not work as well on later nails. i couldn't figure out why it wasn't working after i had done almost all of my nails and then i changed the water and TA-DAH!

the finished product! So yes, it took quite a bit longer than just painting your nails and because of this i decided to modge podge over the top to try and prolong their life. i will let you know if it works!

i love them! happy painting!

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  1. That's totally awesome!!! I'm going to try it today thanks for the idea.