Monday, August 8, 2011

i want to steal this....

Remember how cool it was to have pencils and notebooks with your name on them? Yeah i never got to experience that. The closest i could get was "cory." I so wished to have something with my name on it!

But look at this!! We saw this sign of italian cities when we were leaving Rimini and my name is on there! I about had a freak out.

Okay, so I did. Dustin was like, "Yes, it's cool. But you can stop screaming now."

But it's the first time I have seen ANYTHING with my name spelled so close to it's real spelling EVER. and get this... my "italian" nickname from a few friends here is Corianno so it was doubly exciting. (yes, my italian friend corrected us and told me it is the masculine version. hummm.)

Yep. Pretty dang cool.

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