Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YAY for patios so I could buy patio furntiure!

YAY! The patio cushions I bought for my new patio set from Ikea arrived today! I feel so old for being SO excited about patio furniture. But thats how it gets, right? Being married and all. You care about things like patio sets and matching oven mitts.

Another thing I am excited for??? My family to arrive tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow night we could have dinner on that certain patio set with those certain new cushions.... How sweet would THAT be?!


  1. Corrianne that is so cute!! I would be excited too... That is great your family is coming. Have a blast!!!

  2. Sorry I didn't check my spelling CoRianne

  3. Very sweet, Corianne! Honestly, I’m not married, but I care a lot about how my patio furniture looks like. It’s where I send my guests whenever I organize a BBQ night or a game night with family and friends. I want to them to feel relaxed and at home, that’s why I put a lot of effort choosing the right furniture and decorating the entire patio.

    Gerry Bossier