Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I looked at my blog today and I haven't posted anything in over a month! My goal at the first of the year was to post every 5 days or so...hasn't happened yet. OH WELL. In my defense, I have been pretty busy. But... I have made it home (after 30+ hours!) and I am feeling mighty JET-LAGGED. I think I will take a nap. And yes, you can nap at 8pm when you are jet-lagged. (though it might not be the best idea.) And maybe I should find me something for dinner. I guess I should also unpack my suitcase. Man I have lots to do! But good news is that my family arrives next week! I CANNOT wait to show them around. Maybe I should just leave the suitcase packed. ANYWAY, I think I might find something more interesting to post later this week....OH I have pics from a pretty fancy tea-party I attended to show off. And my brothers homecoming.

One other note: Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Especially to my own mom! I love you!

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