Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A good idea!

So Dustin leaves in about a week, and he thought it would be fun to go to Germany last weekend and go to CHILI'S. That's right CHILI'S. As in the American restaurant. I was totally up for the idea. We haven't been to any American restaurant in seven months and Ramstein, an Air Force base in Germany, is lucky enough to not only have a Chili's but also a Macaroni Grill. They are so spoiled. They don't even know how lucky they are.
We left last friday and on saturday we went shopping at their BX. (Which was as big as a Super-Walmart. Very cool.) Then we went to Saarbrucken and went to the WildPark Zoo. After the zoo we went to Chili's and it was AMAZING! I had a hard time deciding what I was going to order. I had thought about it for days but still couldn't decide. It had to be a perfect decision that I would not regret. I ended up ordering the triple dipper so I could have three choices! Ha ha. We pretty much stuffed our faces. So then, half-way through dinner we learned that Toby Keith was giving a free concert that night! And it was within walking distance of Chili's! It was freaking awesome! He was a great performer and we had so much fun. We had such a GREAT weekend!

Heavy's at Ramstein

SO Green

This sign cracks me up. It means "Caution: 30 kph because of FROG Crossing"

Feeding the pigmy goats

Alissa: You know you want him!

Toby Keith!

Perfect song for my hubby who deploys in a week! I LOVE you so much and I'm going to miss you!!


  1. He's leaving?! :o( Sucky!
    But what a fun post! There are so many things that it made me want to comment on! Lol :o)
    LOVE the green trees/pathway. Wish I could take family pictures there. How cool that Toby Keith was there! Too funny that you were so excited and planned for days what you'd order at Chili's! I love the frog crossing sign and it totally makes me think of this movie I saw in one of my zoology classes at the end of the semester. It was like the only thing I remember out of the class and it was the most bizarre and hilarious movie! Basically it was about this place where frogs had taken over because they had no predators and so they were EVERYWHERE. There was a guy that would sing to them in his shower while they sat on the window sill in his bathroom, the kids would dress them up in outfits, and at one point in the movie you see this car from WAYYYY down the road swerving maniacally and you figure he's probably trying to avoid the frogs. NOPE! Turns out he's AIMING for them!! Oh my heck it sounds so wrong and mean but it was seriously one of the funniest movies I have EVER seen. No one else would probably think it was funny but I will never forget it and everyone in that class loved the dumb thing!! Hahahaha! It makes me smile just thinking about it!!
    I'm glad you got to go do some fun stuff together!! Where are you going to be while he's gone? Where is he going? I'm obviously out of the loop!!
    *big hugs*!

  2. haha oh my as soon as I saw that little hamster I though "oh my gosh I want him!" then I read your caption and had to laugh! I am sorry dustin is leaving but you do get our sweet grandma for ten weeks so that kinda makes up for it. Haha I was just thinking how she will probably be a better roommate than me (she cleans up after herself!) I love and miss you my dearest sister!

  3. OH Corianne How long will your hubby be gone?? I wish I was coming to make you feel better :)!!! It is so fun looking at all your pictures, I am living my Europe days through you!

  4. Sorry I am so late at responding your guys' questions! Dustin is in Bagram, Afghanistan and will be gone for 4-6 months. Let's hope it goes by fast!