Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It's Spring in Italia! The last two weeks have been so warm and nice. It's getting up to the 70's during the day and on Saturday it was almost too hot. I am worried about the summer if spring is this warm. Also, the humidity SUCKS! But we are loving that the rain has finally stopped and we have clear skies. (For almost a month, everyday would start out nice and by mid-afternoon it would turn cloudy and by night-fall it would rain. It was awful.)
Last Saturday we went out and bought flowers and flower boxes for our porch. I am also nursing back to health a basil plant that I killed. (For those who know me, this is no surprise. We'll see how long the flowers last.)
Here's some pics....

All the supplies

Sayla checking out the flowers

All done!

Bosa checking out the flowers

Kinda hard to see, but they look really good! Hopefully they live!

Dustin had an awards banquet to attend so we got to play dress-up!

Rachel and Sid, our friends that joined us!

Caught the cats sitting on my scrapbook table so they could see out the window. They are loving the warm weather too! (But they are shedding way too much! They get shaved in a week!)


  1. It looks so beautiful there! You are so lucky. Your flower pots are so cute! I miss you!

  2. Love the flowers. Looks like you are loving it out there.

  3. Was the killing plant comment directed to me? I'm seriously impressed with your gardening skills - your flowers looke great!

  4. We are having a GREAT time!

    Mon- Yes. it. is! Ha ha.
    You and Dustin. He asked me when we bought them, "How long do you think these will live for?"

  5. Hey I want to see a picture of the cats shaved :)!!! I just think they look funny when it is done. WOW everything looks so great and your flowers are wonderful!