Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So I think that Florence might be my new favorite city.... I know that I have been saying that about every city and I know that I will say that about the next city we visit, but it really is so amazing! We went to the Duomo, the Baptistry, the Galleria del'Accedemia, the market, shopping and did a ton of walking around the city. One thing I'm not sure we want to do again is drive in downtown Florence! It was so stressful! There are enough pedestrians and scooters and one-way roads to make you go crazy. Though now that we know the city a little better it might be easier next time.

Standing in front of the Duomo

The Bell Tower at night. The sky had a reddish haze to it and it looked stunning against the white of the tower.

Florence is the birthplace of GUCCI!

Inside the Galleria del'Accedemia

We snuck a picture of the famous "David"

The gold Baptistry doors.

Crazy statue of a guy holding a head. You can even see the guts coming out!

The ceiling of the Baptistry


  1. WOW!!....There sure are a lot of naked statues there!!!!

  2. It looks like so much fun!! I can't wait to see it :) Did you get a gucci bag?! You need to get one before you leave Italy!