Thursday, June 21, 2012

007 Bungee Jump

Also in May, a couple of weeks before our family arrived, we traveled to Switzerland for Dustin and some friends to do the Goldeneye Bungee Jump off the side of the Verzasca Dam. It was a late birthday gift for Dustin and Todd whose birthdays are in April. They were totally stoked while I was completely freaked out and figured that they were going to die. I mean its only a 220 meter fall...that's 721.8 feet for crying out loud! And it is the 2nd highest fixed bungee jump in the world!

The Dam

Getting suited up

Ben, Dustin and Todd getting instruction on how do get pulled back to the top once you reach the bottom

The Jump

He lived!


  1. Holy CRAP!!!! WOW that is awesome

  2. FREAK NO!!! I can't even begin to understand what would make a person want to do that. What a gutsy guy you have!

  3. WHAT THE SHOOOOOT!!!! What an adventure!!!