Saturday, July 30, 2011

motivation?? hopefully.

My husband has become a gym rat. I don't really know when or how this happened, but I can tell you that it can be quite annoying. He talks about it ALL the time. Going on and on and on.... He has wanted me to start coming with him but with school and everything else I have been to busy. But now that I am done with a couple of classes and my schedule has opened up I couldn't keep telling him no.

I really haven't felt any motivation to go so I thought that maybe I needed a gym outfit. Usually when it involves clothing or shoes, I am much more interested. Shopping for workout clothes is NOT as fun as shopping for vintage dresses or purses, but it had to do.

Here's to hoping it works!

(p.s. Anyone else feel this same way?!?)


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Cayde has become one too. He likes to see his progress (Check out his muscles) in the mirror. I'm trying too. Cute out fit. :)

  2. I also need some motivation...once I get to the gym I'm like "Why don't I come more often? It's not that bad..." But then the next day I'm like "I don't want to..." Maybe if I felt accountable to someone else it would be easier, we should motivate each other! :)

  3. I totally bought running clothes before I even started running. Lol. I will look really cute in them when there aren't so many bulges. ;o) I would have kept using them but broke my toe the last game our our soccer season. I need to start doing it again!!! Did you hear what Alissa and Ryan and I started?? You should do it with us and we'll Skype and see how each of us is doing and compare! :o)