Thursday, June 30, 2011

How cute is a baby hedgehog on a scale of 1-10??

A 10!!!
We saw this cute little guy last night waddling through the neighbors yard. Dustin and I were outside around midnight watching a lightning storm when we saw something in the neighbors yard. At first we thought it was a mouse but after grabbing the flashlight we realized it was a mama and baby hedgehog! He was SO CUTE following his mom. She would walk a little ways and then stop for him to catch up. OH it was to die for! Before they could disappear into the bushes Dustin walked after them and took a picture. Of course I had to see it too, so I went running through the yard and tripped on a cement barrier around a flower bed. I seriously thought I broke my toe. But no fear! I only ripped off the TOENAIL!! AHH it hurts so bad. (My friend Viki said that I must have been so excited to see the baby hedgehog that I didn't cry.) But my quiet screaming that I broke my toe did prompt one of my Italian neighbors to come outside and scowl at us. All we could do was point to the hedgehogs and limp away. (okay that was just me. But it HURT!)

OH and Viki has a thing for baby hedgehogs and compares everything on a cuteness level with 1o being a baby hedgehog. She was a little upset I didn't call her at midnight and let her know.

Aren't they so cute?!?

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