Sunday, January 16, 2011

holiday recap!

Okay, so this is totally going to be a picture overload! I am so far behind on my blog but I wanted to get these holiday pictures on here so that I can do my next post on London!

First off...Halloween! The week of Halloween was spent in Paris with Dustin's parents. After sending them off we headed home. We got home on the 30th, the day before Halloween, just in time for parties! The night of the 30th we dressed up and went to a party with our friends Rachel and Sid. We dressed up as cops. I was a city cop and Dustin was a "hillbilly cop." It worked out perfect since he hadn't shaved for two weeks because he was on leave so he had a sweet handle-bar mustache that looked awesome! The next night we spent at our friends Rachel and Sids house and carved pumpkins and ate good food. Rachel is one of the best cooks I know!

For Thanksgiving, we went to our friends Vicki and Todd's house. We had so much good food! We had fun eating all day, playing games and singing karaoke.

Vicki and Larry getting ready to carve the turkey

Me and Vicki

Vicki and Liz

Ben, Dustin and Larry all thinking they need to watch over the deep-fried turkey. They were out there all day! It was their pride and joy :)

Christmas was low key and very nice! We got up and opened gifts for each other than had orange rolls and cinnamon rolls. We pretty much hung out the rest of the afternoon till all our family in the states finally got up! (Ha ha jk. They did get up at 8am but it seems like forever when it's 4pm your time!)

Some of the ornaments on our tree...

One of our snow storms! Didn't last long :(

Trying to wrap my cat up for christmas....Didn't really work out....

One of the cute pies I made for my Italian neighbors. I had never made them before and probably should have taste tested them beforehand... Oh well!

For New Years Eve we went to Venice with our friends Rachel and Sid. We got there around 7pm then took the water taxi to San Marco Piazza. After walking around the square, which was surprisingly empty, we found a restaurant and ate pizza and a traditional italian cake called panettone. It was 11:30pm before we made it back to the square where all the festivities were held and then it was PACKED! We had so much fun and it was way cool to see how Venice celebrates the new year. Definitely glad we went!

On the water taxi going to the Piazza

Gazebo in the square

Countdown to 2011!

Fireworks over the water

New Years Kiss!

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  1. WOW, where to begin... You guys look great in your costumes, and that meal at Thanksgiving... it makes me want to have a turkey.. deep fried of course. The pictures of your tree are so beautiful... I love it!! That new years eve party looks like fun.. I bet sometimes you can't believe you are in Italy, that you get to do and experience everything in another country. We miss you so bad here, but I love looking at your photos. And thanks for the comment about the cake.. it is funny that it start with Hello Cupcake :)! That made me smile