Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Housing Office SUCKS!!!!

Okay, so I have to vent. Everything that they told us about housing before we arrived to Aviano was FALSE!
When we were preparing to arrive we were told that we would be housed on base (in TLF) for 30 days to look for a house and that Dustin would recieve 10 days off for house hunting. This would mean our TLF would last until the 23rd of October. Which is what they even told us when we checked into this place!
Well now we are sitting in TLF waiting to get kicked out on the 6th. UGH. We have only been here a week!
So here is how it really works: You arrive. You want to look for a house and they tell you that you must go through the Housing Office. When you arrive at the Housing Office they tell you that they already found you a house. You think, "How did they already know what I was looking for?". They didn't. They want to offer you a house out in the middle of nowhere with none of the things you are looking for. Then they say, "Well since you are declining this house then you will be kicked out of TLF whenever FMO can deliver living supplies. (FMO are the ones who loan out things like stoves and wardrobes.) "Where will FMO deliver those living supplies", you say? NOWHERE! Because you don't have a place to live yet! But they are kicking you out anyway unless you want to pay to stay in TLF. Our bill for one week in this place was $500.00 and we need a place to stay for at least another 2-3 weeks.
So here are the options: either stay here and pay $500 a week or find a hotel off base and pay to live there.
Wow the Housing Office sure helps you out when you move to a new country and have nowhere to go.
Oh and about the ten days off to find a house; that was a lie as well. Dustin went to Right Start Monday-Thursday last week and starts work on Monday. Yep, pretty pissed off.....


  1. Boo, Them! Yeah that I've found you! :) now I can keep in touch with your wonderful face! Have fun good luck with the house hunting. Germany people always had problems with the housing there too. No fun.

  2. Oh my heck! Grrrr. I'd be ticked off too! I'm so sorry!!!! *hugs* from here to there! GOOD LUCK!!!! Wish I knew how to help. :o(