Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Montana, Glacier and Seattle. All in one week!

Last week we went up to Montana one last time to see Dustin's family. We made it up on Wednesday night and stayed till Saturday. On Saturday morning we headed up to Glacier National Park and stayed one night in the park courtesy of Dustin's parents. We had a great time!
On Sunday morning we headed over to Seattle to drop off Dustin's mustang so it could be shipped to Italy. What we thought was a seven hour drive actually took about eleven. It sucked. We were in the car forever. On Monday morning we dropped off the car, did a little sight seeing and since that day was our four year wedding anniversary we went on a dinner boat cruise. It was amazing!

Dustin and his parents at Beerfest in downtown Missoula

A little Black Bear we saw in the park

Going to the Sun Road

A mama Mountain Goat and her two Kids. They were so so cute!

What Dustin was calling "Montana's Stonehedge" This is the rock tower that we made.

Dustin skipping rocks

saying goodbye to the mustang!

Boarding our dinner cruise

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